The food is grilled at temperatures ranging between 160°C and 260°C. It can be cooked directly on the grate in the grilling chamber or on the cast iron plate (see accessories) which is placed in the grilling chamber adjacent to the fire chamber (suitable for steaks, for instance). This method uses an equal flow of hot air, similarly to hot-air ovens. The food is not in direct contact with fire nor direct heat so that it doesn‘t get burnt. All our BBQ Smokers are equipped with a griddle placed above the fire chamber. You can use it for cooking or for keeping your food warm. Thanks to the rotating arm and suspended pot (see sccesories) or using the wok pan holder and a wok pan (see accessories) you can prepare excellent side dishes to your main grilled meal. A method quite similar to indirect grilling the difference being that food is grilled at low temperatures (80°C to 140°C). It is the most commonly used method for our BBQ Smokers and is used for foods requiring a longer cooking time (larger pieces of meat). Thanks to this gentle method, the food remains juicy and savoury. You can use Smoky Fun grills for baking bread or pizza. The ideal way to proceed is to place a chamotte plate (see accessories) into the grill and bake your food between 180°C and 260°C. With Smoky Fun Big Chief and models equipped with additional smoking chamber you can prepare excellent smoked food. You just need to close the regulation flap on the chimney, add wood dust on the incandescent coals and decrease the air flow coming into the fire chamber (i.e. close the air flap). The ideal temperature for cold smoking is 30°C to 60°C, for hot smoking it is between 60°C and 90°C. The food is directly exposed to the heat. This method is suitable especially for food that can be cooked in less than 30 minutes. You can use it to prepare sausages and other smoked meats as well as for searing meat (rare steak). Place the food on the grate in the fire chamber and grill it directly over the red-hot coals.

A two-time Czech Republic BBQ champion Jiří Dolenský

In Czech, BBQing is no more thought of only in connection with sausages, nor is barbecue considered to be merely…

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Special Smokers, BBQ Trailers, Grill Train

Made of 6 mm thick steel, varnished in fire-resistant black paint, hand-made and equipped with stainless steel grates, they are suitable for direct and indirect grilling, smoking, baking, cooking and barbecuing.
  • Special Smokers Subject to Special Order

    Our production workshop can cater also for special wishes of our customers and deliver made-to-order Smokers in reasonable delays. We try our best to meet all your wishes, be it an adjustment of a standard model or something as special as a corner model.

  • BBQ Trailers

    All models of the 20“ and 24“ range can be customized to be fixed on braked or non-braked trailer. We can satisfy almost any wish expressed by our customers. Please, contact us for more information.

  • Grill Train

    Our special product range SMOKY FUN Grill Train is a dream of every enthusiast griller. Considering its very demanding production, only limited number of pieces can be made.
    The Grill Train is offered as: Grill Train 16“, Grill Train 20“, Grill Train 24“.
    Rails and trailer go nicely with our Grill Train Smoker and can be ordered separately.

  • Super Train 24“

    This Smoky Fun Super Train was built upon special order in 2013. The locomotive and the tender go together with rails and a trailer with a protective cover. The trailer is equipped with rails to facilitate transportation as well as with an electrical winch for easy loading and unloading.